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Donating Your Time to Make a Difference

Parkview Medical Center Volunteers are one of our most precious resources. Without them we would find it difficult, if not impossible, to add those special touches our patients appreciate. Volunteers work in the Gift Shoppe, greet patients and visitors at the information desk, deliver mail, newspapers and flowers to patients, assist in escorting patients and visitors and work in many other departments throughout the Medical Center. For many people, volunteer service is a special source of personal satisfaction and growth.

Services & Programs

  • Assist paid staff with anything which does not require a license
  • Parkview Gift Shoppe – staffed by Volunteers
  • Parkteen Program for Teens age 14 – 17

Volunteers at Parkview Medical Center are multi-talented and flexible and therefore are able to fill in on an "as needed" basis to support paid staff. On an annual basis, volunteers contribute 25,000 hours to the Medical Center resulting in a cost savings of over $375,000 in paid wages to the hospital.

Apply to become a Parkview volunteer!

Today’s Volunteers include…..

  • Women and men of all ages
  • People with disabilities
  • People from every ethnic background, race, lifetyle and religion
  • Someone with a desire to help others
  • People with a special skill or ability
  • People with a positive attitude, energy and time

Parkteen Program

Our volunteer program for teens age 14 – 17 provides youth an opportunity to learn about healthcare careers and become responsible citizens by giving back to their community. A scholarship program established in 1991 by longtime Parkview volunteers Ruth E. and O. Dale Harmon is available to Parkteens who volunteer a minimum of 100 hours upon graduation from High School. More information on this scholarship can be found under the Parkview Foundation Scholarship Programs. Applicants, please remember to include your middle initial and date of birth on your application.


Each year volunteers celebrate their accomplishments at a luncheon in their honor for their dedication and commitment to Parkview Medical Center. Volunteers are recognized for their hours worked and the joy they bring to Parkview Medical Center every day.

As a volunteer, you do make a difference. We challenge you to join our quality driven team!

Theresa Hart

Volunteer Services Coordinator

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